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Saturday, August 01, 2009

From The Journal Of James Hartline: "The Many Mothers In My Life"

From The Journal Of James Hartline
December 23, 2005
"The Many Mothers In My Life"
When Jesus therefore saw His mother,
and the disciple standing by, whom He loved,
He said unto His mother,
"Woman, behold thy son!"
Then said Jesus to the disciple,
"Behold thy mother!"
And from that hour,
that disciple took her into his own home.
John 19:26-27(nasb)
December, 1965

A piercing howl could be heard in the dark night. Some must have thought it was a wounded animal, crying out from some recently inflicted injury. Screeching, deep from within the inner soul of that lame creature, came a repeated yelp of pain. Lights came on, doors swung open, faces peered out into the black night. Concerned neighbors, walking out into the frigid December cold, perked their ears in the prayerful hope that they could better gauge where the cry had come from. And then, as if on cue, there it was again. Almost in unison, all of the neighbors recognizing the cry's source, let out a collective sigh of resolved air. As usual, it was just the little boy on Crestmore Street, crying as he always did at that time of the year.

If they could see into that little boy's home, they would see the same scene played out every year: a little boy, alone, rejected, abandoned. All lights had been turned off. This was not the type of manifestated environment others would imagine during the Christmas season. Yet, every Christmas season, the same bleak and painful scenario was played out for him. There weren't many social events in Bakersfield, California in the 1960's. A bland, rural town, mostly smelly oil rigs and refineries, combined with endless fields of cotton and alfalfa, stood in stark contrast to the big cities of San Francisco to the north and Los Angeles to the south. The Bakersfield Christmas Parade was one of the few city events that brought out the hopes and dreams of the area's families, all united under one festive December banner each year. Thus, it was something that an abused child would look forward to each year as a reprieve from a life that was scorched with daily beatings and emotional deprival.

This always made the wound even more grevious, when the boy's mother would find an excuse the day of the parade, for punishing him, and denying his going with the rest of his family. This was a demented scenario played out every Christmas. His angry and abusive mother would always find a way to punish her little son, before he could receive his gifts. It was, in a twisted way, her way of reminding her son, that there was always a painful price to pay if one was to receive any good thing in this life.

Frozen with fear, facing a kitchen corner wall in the pure blackness of the lightless house, a cry of isolation and rejection gurgled up from his little, hungry belly. Finally, out of the pure agony of being abandoned by his family, he released another screech into the cold atmosphere of his silent house. Also on cue, a car drove up the driveway to the frontdoor of the house, where the boy stood huddled inside. Keys jingling, a door unlocking, and then a voice that terrorized the whimpering boy pierced the lightless house, "Shut up! You got what you deserved. Now get up and get in the car!" Once again, that damnable scenario had played out its festering climax. Punishment than reward, his mother had it down to a wicked art. At the parade, as Santa sat atop his passing sleigh, children cooed and shouted excited chants of exhultation. One little boy, lucky to be at the parade at all, just stared coldly at the passing red suited giver of gifts and wondered if Santa could let him get on his sleigh and drive him as far away from Bakersfied, California as the reindeer could fly him. At the time, that little boy had no idea just how far away from Bakersfield he would some day fly.

San Diego
December, 2005

That was forty years ago, and I have indeed flown a long way since those cold Bakersfield winters and abusive holiday seasons. My poor old mother, now nearly 68 years of age, still lives in Bakersfield. Not much has changed with her. I occasionally hear from her, but she really never has come around to mending the broken places within herself, much less the breach between herself and her son. God has mended me, however one day I had to come to that place of surrendered realization that my mom will probably never be a mom for me. I have learned in my walk with the Lord to release my mom from her responsibility for my upbringing. I have forgiven her but it never lessens the pain or hope of having that good mother-son relationship.

I have often pondered that same aspect in considering how Mary must have felt in that dark day when she saw one of her sons hanging on that executioner's wood, rusting steel nails impaled into his hands and feet, the groaning from Jesus' throat intermingled with her own agonized wimpers combining to form an atmosphere of familial dispair. Where does the son go as his image of a mother not to be, descends into that valley of lost hope? Where does the mother go, when her son wanders far from the path of that mother's great aspiration for her offspring? What message is there for all us, when we do not realize in our family relationships, that classic mirage of the Brady Bunch fantasy?

Three months ago, I had gone with my friend George Kerr to the Donovan State Prison to fill out the application to become a volunteer with the Chaplain's Program. I had in my past been a prisoner at that prison, the penalty for my many years of being a convicted thief. That was years ago, and I had finally gotten to that place in my life of wanting to go back and help the other inmates find a better way through Jesus Christ just like I had. I have found in my walk with the Lord that the best Christmas present one can give is to give one's self in service to those who are beaten down by the very circumstances that we, ourselves, had once been held captive. Thus, with continuous expectation of being approved I waited for the envelope that would contain my volunteer application approval.

Finally, two weeks ago during this Christmas seaso, the envelope arrived. I was so excited as I opened the letter, expecting to read the date when I go into the prison to minister to those still incarcerated. Expectancy soon turned to gloom as I read the denial. My applications had been disapproved. The reason was made clear: I had not been discharged from prison for the minimum ten years. I just sat there, very disappointed.

And then I heard the voice of the Lord say to me, "Why are you so sad?"

"Because I can't go visit the prisoners," I retorted.

"So, you are upset, because you can't go back to prison...." the Lord inquired.

With that realization, my spirits perked up. Oh yeah, I shouldn't be sad, I should be glad. For nineteen long years, I could not get out of prison, no matter how much I wanted. And now, in a twisted way, I was upset, because I couldn't get back into matter how much I wanted. It was one of the shining moments, when I realized that the Lord, and His word, had truly brought me full circle back to the place of restoration. A knock on my front door, also brought me back to the reality of my current circumstances. "What is it?" I said through the closed front door. "James, you have a big package up front, a really big package," my neighbor replied.

Now full of curiosity at who would be sending me a big package, I forgot about my prison volunteer application and raced for the front of my property. There it was, a gigantic brown box. "What on earth?" I wondered what this was.

As I ripped open the very tough tape and clawed opened the top with my hungry little fingers my eyes stared in disbelief. I had never seen so many wrapped gifts in one box. In my nineteen years in prison, I had never once received a Christmas present. Christmas had become just another day for me. It had never been a real pleasant experience for me in the first place, much less in the dark, grey confines of a concrete and steel prison.

I just stared in wonderment as to who would have sent me all these gifts in one box. Each one of the wrapped gifts had a card so I opened a card to read who it was from. It read:

"May The Peace And Joy Of Christmas Be With You Always,"
Love All Of Your MOM'S
Your CWA Mom's, We Love You, James!

I tell you I was just overwhelmed. All of the dear, sweet ladies of Concerned Women for America had taken the time from their busy holiday times with their husbands and children to put together a gigantic Christmas box full of goodies, and special wrapped presents, just for me. I have been a servant of the Most High God crying out in the wilderness for many years and it was as if the widow woman had arisen all over again to feed Elijah in the midst of the drought.

I have learned one of heaven's greatest revelations. When our earthly family assignments don't go according to our most earnest desires God will mend the broken places and send us a replacement family. My earthly mom may never come around but God has brought me many, many mom's in her stead. It is the glory of the living God to bring healing to our soul in this way.

Jesus conveyed that important principle as He was dying on the cross. He said to His mother Mary, "Your son," referring to the Apostle John. And to the Apostle John, "John, your mother." From that day on, Mary and John would become a new family, each looking after each other. Jesus knew that they would need mending after His terrible execution. He knew these two souls would need healing from seeing the trauma inflicted upon Christ's battered body. It is His way. It is heaven's way, to fill in the void, repairing the breaches created by broken family relationships. God will bring that person to you to repair the family void and mend the broken places inflicted upon us by failed family obligations. In turn, He will also bring us to those who need healing in the same way. There are many lonely mothers and widows that need "new" sons. And there are many sons that need "new" mothers.

In turn, there are many Godly moms in our society who are crying out for the Sons of God to rise up and help them. I have been given a mandate from the Hand of the Lord to rise up and help defend all of the moms of my generation. The Lord has said to me, "Son, rise up, go fight for all of your moms. Fight for them, as a good son would do. Defend them and drive out from the doorsteps, every evil that has besought them, and every devil that has sought to destroy their families."

This Christmas, my CWA moms, my VIP moms and my other church moms, have made me walk down the streets, singing just a little louder, and a whole lot stronger.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Elderly Prop. 8 supporter roughed up is filing charges

An elderly California woman will file charges against homosexuals who attacked her during a protest against the passage of Proposition 8.

Last Friday evening, homosexual activists and their supporters gathered at the Palm Springs City Hall, protesting voter approved Prop. 8, which defines marriage as between a man and a woman. Phyllis Burgess went to the rally, and carried a Styrofoam cross through the crowd. As ABC affiliate KESQ-TV carried that rally live, homosexuals surrounded the 69-year-old woman, began pushing her, reportedly spit on her, and grabbed the cross from her arms and threw it on the ground. (See video report) Burgess remained calm throughout the melee. "I was really so overflowing with peacefulness in my heart that I just couldn't see this," she says. "It wasn't in my mind, it really wasn't."

Initially, Burgess said she did not want to file charges, but changed her mind after authorities encouraged her to do so (see related video). She says she went to the rally "just to get my remarks across at my city hall, where I have lived for 30 years." She adds: "If it takes endangerment, should that stop me? I'm a senior -- we respect elder abuse in this city." Police are reviewing video in hopes of identifying suspects. Charges would be assault and vandalism, both misdemeanors.

If this had been a citizen who had gone and torn down a rainbow flag off of a gay center, then the homosexuals would have been screaming for justice. Why aren't they demanding justice for this woman who was denied her right free religious expression in America, as well as the fact that they brutally suppressed her right to free speech as she was carrying the cross?

We will see more acts of violence and hypocrisy from the "tolerant" crowd in the days ahead. And the result will be a dramatic turning of public opinion against the radical homosexual political agenda.

The so-called oppressed are now the neighborhood bullies. Yet, we always knew that was the case.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Journey From The Gutter To God - From The Journal of James Hartline

The Journal of James Hartline
Preparing For My Departure
But Running My Race Until I Leave!

My Journey From The Gutter To God
A Chapter From The Journal of James Hartline:
Gaining Life By Overcoming Death Through Jesus Christ

"It is better to be a poor but wise young man than to be an old and foolish king who refuses all advice. For that young man has come out of prison to become king, even though he was born poor in his kingdom." Ecclesiastes 4:13-14

God has granted me the privilege of prophetically looking into the mighty vision that He is in the process of establishing for this generation. In this vision for our nation, I have seen the coming glory of God which shall envelope and transform America. Ironically, this vision shall be carried forth by those who are deemed to be the least desirable citizens in our nation. Vindication is coming swiftly for those who have been judged as unimportant and socially defective by those who are considered important because of their wealth, their social standing and their ability to show disdain for the things of God.

Indeed, the Lord presents us a prophetic revelation in the fourth chapter of the Book of Ecclesiastes which confirms His intention of reversing America's social order during this coming move of God. The writer in Ecclesiastes declares, "Out of the prison shall come a young man who will be king." This nation shall soon find itself in its darkest hour, an hour when money cannot buy a calming of the mind or a healing balm for the terrified heart. When the rich and greedy least expect it, God will release a new kind of leadership upon this great and burdened country. Out of the prison shall come a king. Out of the wasteland shall come the warrior. Out of the abused shall come royalty. Out of the raped shall come the beautiful. Out of the fires of affliction shall come forth the purified servants of the Most High God. This is the way of the Lord.

I have been told by those in power within our morally-neutered southern California society, that I have no value and that I don't qualify to speak on behalf of my generation. However, according to my own experiences as a determined soldier in this culture war, the powerful ruling bureaucrats in this society have no say in the matter of my involvement in this culture war that God has asked me to wage. I did not seek permission from the powerful when I began my campaign that has now successfully closed ten pornographic businesses in the city of San Diego. One of those evil businesses that I fought a four year battle to close, was a gay bathhouse located in the heart of San Diego's homosexual community where many men used illegal drugs and were infected with the AIDS virus. During that long and trying battle, I received many threats against my life. Still, I did not give up and now that business has been permanently shut down.

Nor did I wait for a permission slip to be granted me from some city council when I motivated hundreds of my fellow citizens to go to war to keep the giant public cross that sits atop the Mt. Soledad Veterans War Memorial from being torn down. For two decades, atheists with the help of their discriminatory attorneys sought to tear down that cross. Any observer who was present during those long and exhausting city council meetings, will tell you that my passionate pleas to uphold our religious rights were among the most vocal and sincere of any that were sounded in the city council chambers. You can watch my life and death speech to preserve the Mt. Soledad Cross by going to the city council video archives for March 8, 2005. First click Video for that date and then click on the segment "Break Return" and slide the time ruler to 44:00.

I also did not seek affirmation from the homosexual power brokers in San Diego when I began seeking justice in our city during my battle over the multitude of sex offenders and pedophiles who were working for the San Diego Gay Pride organization in 2005. After a lengthy investigation that year, I discovered that the San Diego Gay Pride organization was allowing dangerous sex offenders to work in their annual festival and parade, events that lure in hundreds of young minors each year. Despite many threats against me because of my investigation on this matter, I stayed the course and the sex offenders were subsequently forced out of the events where they had the potential to harm the youth of my city.

When history is recorded and our generation is chronicled, it is my greatest hope that I will be listed among those who fought bravely and died courageously for the children of my generation.

There is no day upon which the sun arises, that I do not scheme or plot to make my community safer for the little boys and little girls who will rise from their beds to face their many scandalous enemies. I know what it is like to grow up and to be held captive by an abuser. As a young boy, I was all too familiar with the dreary days that turned into neverending months, and those neverending months that turned into hopeless years, and no one, absolutely no one, came to my rescue. I have known a time as a small, four year-old boy, when I was beaten so badly that I needed stitches in my skull. I also know of a day, just six years after that earlier violent and physically damaging episode, when I, as a ten year-old terrified little boy, received so many punches to my head that I was taken back to the hospital to get more stitches.

I know the fear and pain of not having a single friend to run to when I was under the care of a mother who I trusted with all of my youthful innocence, only to find out that the one I trusted ended up being my greatest enemy. Let there be no doubt among those in our culture who are bent on contaminating and corrupting the youth of America, that I have made a vow to the children of my generation, a vow which declares that as long as there is breath in my body, I will fight for America's children. I will be their best friend.

Let America also understand that I will be a deliverer for the abused children of this nation. At every turn when I become aware that adults are attempting to hurt the kids of San Diego, I rise up to stand in the way. In 2005, when I found out that adult nudists were exposing young kids to their perversions at nudist parties in San Diego, I created a national outcry which culminated in the elimination of their use of the public venues which they had been using to hold their filthy parties.

In June of 2007, I learned that the the San Diego Gay Pride organization was scheduled to hold a gay pride celebration in July at Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres, at the same time that the Padres had scheduled a children's free floppy cap giveaway. With a history of hiring pedophiles and promoting pornography, the San Diego Gay Pride organization is one of the most dangerous groups when it comes to the issue of involving children in their events. One month after I released a nationally-recognized article on the controversy, over 100 Christians showed up to stand with me at the baseball park as we alerted parents about the dark history of the San Diego Gay Pride organization.

In 2005, my nationally-recognized investigation of the San Diego Gay Pride organization led to shocking revelations that the group was hiring sex offenders to work in events that involved scores of very young children and teenagers. The citizens of San Diego were particularly outraged when it was discovered that the group had also hired a registered pedophile named "Marty the Clown" to entertain children in the gay pride children's garden.

Incensed at the San Diego Gay Pride organization's depth of corruption towards impressionable minors, I refused back down from the war that I intended to wage in the city of San Diego unless justice was brought to bear on this abominable situation. When the smoke had cleared, and I had waged my war, all of the sex offenders had been removed from the organization despite weeks of refusal by the Gay Pride organization to remove them. Additionally, as a result of my stand against the gay pride organization and its hiring of sex offenders, the City of San Diego, for the first time in eleven years, refused to issue an annual proclamation honoring the San Diego Gay Pride celebration. Nowhere in America have Christian Evangelicals achieved such a victory as that which was won by our side in 2005. This is evidence which confirms the Bible's declaration that when a man or woman commits themselves to the Lord Jesus Christ, there will be heaven-sent signs to follow. This again, is the way of the Lord.

There is a price to pay for the stand I am making on behalf of the youth of my generation. I have been the target of many death threats by atheists and homosexual activists who despise my work of exposing those who seek to harm our little boys and our little girls.

Before we enter into a permanent agreement to serve God for the rest of our lives, Jesus presents all of us with the full consequences for following Him and the mandate He has for this generation. I fully understood what Jesus was declaring when He said, "And whosoever doth not bear his cross, and come after Me, cannot be My disciple. For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not first sit down, and count the cost, as to whether you will be able to finish it?" I was fearful, and apprehensive as well, when I considered what Jesus said about the life ahead for the Apostle Paul once he had been subjected to the transforming power of the Holy Spirit: "For I will shew him how great things he must suffer for My name's sake."

Knowing that I would be hated by homosexual activists for standing up to the terrible things they were doing to the kids of my city, I made a sober decision that the lives of the children of San Diego far outweighed the concern I might have felt for my own personal comfort. As long as God grants me life, the children of my generation will not be abandoned in the same horrible fashion that I was as a young boy.

This nation and the children that live in it are in need of a precedent-setting miracle. According to the prophetic visions which I have received from the Lord, God is about to bring about a comprehensive and consuming change in the leadership of this nation. It will be the kind of change that creates a nation which honors the presence of our youth. However, this kind of monumental change will not come about by the same broken means which have produced such dangerous times for my generation.

As we have seen by the Biblical examples of Joseph, who God rescued from the dungeon to lead the entire nation of Egypt, and by the beautiful sacrifice of Queen Esther, who came from slavery and obscurity to rescue the lives of the entire Jewish race, God raises up royalty out of life's most unbearable circumstances.

Then Pharaoh sent and called for Joseph, and they hurriedly brought him out of the dungeon; and when he had shaved himself and changed his clothes, he came to Pharaoh. So Pharaoh said to Joseph, "Since God has informed you of all this, there is no one so discerning and wise as you are. You shall be over my house. See, I have set you over all the land of Egypt." Genesis Chapter 41

"And the king loved Esther above all the women, and she obtained grace and favour in his sight more than all the virgins; so that he set the royal crown upon her head, and made her queen. However, the King did not know that Esther was a Jew. Mordecai, who adopted the orphan Esther, said to her, "And who knows whether you have not attained royalty for such a time as this?" Book of Esther

One significant thing that I have learned during this long and dangerous journey of mine, is that God's ways of dealing with the affairs of mankind are nearly always opposite to that of the way that men in their fallen state deal with each other. God's priorities are not man's priorities. Men will rarely ever make God's desires a part of their human agenda until men learn to subject themselves to a spiritual metamorphosis.

The Bible teaches us that the farther down a man has fallen in this life, the more likely it is when that man repents and is forgiven of his many sins, that he will go on to become a leader who God can raise up to influence his generation towards greatness. When reflecting upon the gratitude demonstrated by the prostitute whom He had forgiven, Jesus told His disciples, "Therefore I say to you, her sins, which are many, are forgiven, for she loved much. But to whom little is forgiven, the same loves little." Like the prostitute that Jesus helped, I have been a deplorable sinner in need of God's forgiveneness. Because Christ has loved me and forgiven me much, just as He did that prostitute 2,000 years ago, I owe Him everything. This is why I am so obedient to His every demand. This is why I am so dedicated to His concern for the children of my generation.

As He was moving ever closer to His voluntary execution for the sins of all humanity, Jesus declared to His followers the significant responsibilities that will be given to the man who has been faithful with the graceful new life granted to him by the Lord, "Blessed is that servant whom his master finds so doing when he comes. Truly I say to you that he will put him in charge of all his possessions."

The man who has learned life's most difficult lessons through hardships and trials will be a humble man who knows passionately the Biblical passage which declares, "I know that nothing good lives in my flesh, that is, in my sinful nature. For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out." Yet, when filled with the very Spirit of the living God, that same man can state with a peculiar and profound confidence, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

There are no losses or defeats for the citizen who resides in the Kingdom of God. Only in this carnal world are the rich and powerful allowed to judge men and women as losers based upon the amount of money they possess or the scholastic degrees which have been granted them by a college where the existence of God is quite likely to be denied. The great irony in all of this is the fact that the rich and famous are empowering a world that seeks to sexualize and harm our children, while a person like myself, empowered with only a high school diploma, is doing everything possible to protect the children of my generation from the exploitations of the rich and famous.

Throughout history, there are some men and women who are born with lives that grant them great suffering from the very moment they draw their first breaths. There is a scheme of God in His allowing these individuals to suffer in such a manner. I am one who has been chosen by God to be a part of this suffering breed. I have always known suffering. It is as familiar to me as the moon is to the night. For those who have been chosen by God to lead the way during humanity's darkest hours, the human experience often begins in rancid poverty and eventually ends with hushed groanings among the underprivileged.

Joseph was our forerunner for establishing God's pattern of taking a young man plagued all of his life by injustices and discrimination, and then transforming that young man into the leader of a very desperate nation. In every generation, there is a Joseph who is being groomed by God for a season when fear and catastrophe come together to create a national crisis. This tried and tested servant of humanity will always be an independent flame, a flame fueled by the very fires of God Himself.

In the hours of my greatest despondency, I always felt this unshakable kinship with Joseph. It is the many years of great suffering that I endured which drew me to learn of Joseph's godly way of dealing with his own horrific tribulations. It has been my apprehending of how God uses suffering to mold a man into the image of Christ, that finally allowed me to come to a place of comprehending what Jesus meant when He said, "For many are called, but few are chosen."

Many years ago, in what seemed to be another lifetime altogether, I came to my senses and realized that I was rotting away in a gutter. Lost in a life that homosexual leaders had promised me would be a gay life full of happiness and acceptance, I now found myself strung out on crystal meth. Covered in my own fecal matter and vomit, the gay life had brought me to such a shameful place that I was using my own dirty garments as a covering from the probing eyes of a God who was desperately searching for me, His lost little lamb, before it was too late.

It was during the latter years of my dreadful thirty-year experiment called the gay lifestyle, that I finally came to a permanent realization that homosexuality and God just do not mix. They never have and they never will. It is so clear to me now, why God put His warnings in the Old Testament about homosexuality. He did so because He loves us and doesn't want us to suffer the damnable consequences that will ultimately come with such evil practices. The New Testament reiterates God's warnings from the Old Testament as the Apostle Paul reminds humanity, "The wages of sin is death."

The Apostle Paul also warned those who are hurting God by their involvement in sins, "Do not grieve the Holy Spirit." God, Who created us in His image, has feelings just like He put in our own human personalities. His Spirit grieves over the offenses of His created beings. One day among the many days when my spirit battled with my flesh over the terrible grief I had caused God because of my involvement in homosexuality, I came to a fresh reality that sharply pierced through my own corrupted reasoning. It was an awakening of sorts, a reality that became a revelation.

This newly found revelation gave strength to my exhausted mind, a mind that had been desperately searching for a path out of those dark and hopeless days. It was the dawning of a new day for me as I now understood this: God was extending mercy to me, but not because I had had such a dreadful and abusive past and thus, I was a victim deserving of His mercy.

Thinking that I deserved God's mercy because He had to make up to me all of the years that He had allowed me to be abused by my mother was a fatal and immoral flaw in my thinking. That degenerate way of thinking had kept me, for years and years, repeating a vicious cycle of victimization where I demanded that God give me compensation for my suffering. I simply could not move into the new life that God had for me because I had been stuck reliving the past, waiting for God to resolve the terrible crimes that had been committed against me as a child.

The cycle of victimization was being broken as I realized that God's grace was appropriated to me, not as recompense for the abuses committed against me, but because He is merciful to everyone regardless of their upbringing. All are in need of mercy, the rich and the poor, the undeserving and the desperate. I could have had a magnificent start in life, and I still would have needed God's mercy and forgiveness. This is why the Apostle Paul declares to every man and woman in the Book of Romans, "For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God."

For nearly ten years now, I have been completely liberated from the homosexual life. I have truly become a free man, having encountered the great gift of God's mercy that He extended to me in my darkest days. Yet, in today's world of the self-confident, the carnally minded and society elites, people like myself are judged as unimportant and disfigurements upon the landscape of wealth, privilege and higher education. They mock and ridicule my Christian values. Their hatred for people like me is of such an intense nature because they cannot put into a comfortable little box, the fact that I have overcome such a deplorable life -- without their professional help. No secular twelve step programs or books about "the 7 Steps to Victory" have been the tools of my liberation. Indeed, it has been the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ which has granted me total freedom from my past.

The sophisticated secularists cannot fathom the existence of a man they deem to be a misfit -- and an undesirable Bible thumper -- who has actually closed down ten pornographic businesses in the city of San Diego. They cannot comprehend how a man who spent 19 years in prison for being a convicted thief is now a totally transformed human being with a life story that has been broadcast on international television.

These elitist homosexual leaders and their secular intellectual partners cannot understand how a former prisoner and drug addict, and particularly an ex-gay Christian, could possibly get done the remarkable things that I have gotten done. After all, I live in poverty, sometimes barely able to put food on the table. I don't own a car and don't even know how to drive one. My suits all come from thrift stores. And all I possess is a high school education. In reality, according to the standard of success established by the homosexual elites in America, I am a real loser.

I may not have much money and I may not look that good in my thrift store suits, but I have something far more precious in the sight of God than all the power and all the money that people like anti-christian homosexual musician Elton John and anti-christian lesbian entertainer Ellen Degeneres could ever buy. For I possess the willingness to give my life to the Lord Jesus Christ so that He will surely have a man in this nation who is willing to lay down his life for the saving of the children of this generation. God has molded my spirit through many years of being in the fiery furnaces of affliction. Now, out of the furnace and its fires, I have come forth as a refined vessel willing to serve Him in every uncomfortable situation that life might present.

My willingness to serve God with such passion stems from God's love which now consumes my internal being. His love for the children of my generation has now become my love for the children of this generation. I have come to a deeper comprehension of the standard of love that Christ was proclaiming when He told His disciples, "Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."

Jesus also let His disciples know that it is a very precious thing for Him to have the assurance that there will be faithful servants of the Lord who are serving Him in the last days prior to His return to the earth to establish His eternal kingdom. He said to His disciples, "Nevertheless, when the Son of man cometh, shall He find faith on the earth?" The one thing that Jesus desired, and the one thing that I have the capacity to give Him, is my life. To have faith in God is the greatest act of gratitude that I can express to the Lord for all of the wonderful things that He did for me when He rescued me out of that damnable gutter. How could I resist the desires of the Darling of Heaven? I cannot. My life now belongs forever to God.

When we find ourselves in love with our God, we begin to separate ourselves from those people who are not seeking to walk a similar path. It can be a lonely life at times. In many respects we are social outcasts. Yet, God is a comfort to the lonely and to the outcasts.

The Bible gives outcasts some very clear and prophetic directions for the last days. The Bible declares in Isaiah 27:13: "So it shall be in that day: The great trumpet will be blown; They will come, who are about to perish in the land of Assyria; And they who are outcasts in the land of Egypt, shall worship the LORD in the holy mount at Jerusalem."

God is calling the outcasts of the earth to come back home to Him. The outcasts, the rejected, the so-called losers of this world, are being recalled back to the Lord where He can assemble them into His mighty Last Days army. It is why He reached down into the very depths of deepest depravity to redeem me. I can only imagine the amazing tales that shall soon be told from the lips of the other outcasts that I shall meet in the days ahead.

I was born an outcast. I resided for so many years in the gutter, a place where outcasts usually dwell and die. Yet, isn't that the way of the Lord, that He looked even in the gutter to find me? As we look to the example of Lazarus, covered in his funeral garments, placed away in the tomb of final darkness, we hear the Lord shouting, "Lazarus! Lazarus! Come forth." After being dead for four days and stinking from the stench of death and decay, Lazarus awoke and emerged from the tomb. Like Lazarus, I too was dead, dead in the land of the living, floundering in the gutter. But God said to me, as He said 2,000 years ago to Lazarus, "James! James! Come forth."

I have surely kissed the grave. And now, I have kissed the hand of the Lord who reached down into the gutter and pulled up my wasted existence so that I might stand as His redeemed servant in the land of the living. My eyes are straining from the newness of my brand new day. I can see the sunlight. I can feel the living breath of the eternal God upon my face. I am alive! I am alive!

This has been a published article from The Journal of James Hartline.
"Preparing For My Departure - But Running My Race Until I Leave!"

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Journal of a Christian Candidate in an Anti-Christian World

The Journal of James Hartline
~ Dated February 18, 2008 ~
The Joy and The Agony of Being
A Christian in 21st Century America

There Is A Price To Pay For Making A Stand
As A Christian Candidate In An Anti-Christian World.
~ On The Campaign Trail In 2008 ~

It was Sunday, February 17, 2008 and I had just finished going to the grocery store to buy some fruit to contribute to a local church picnic in the relaxed San Diego neighborhood of Kensington. I was happy to have a brief respite from the harsh schedule of my campaign for the San Diego City Council. I was also gratefully enjoying the early afternoon walk towards the park where friends from Mid-City Christian Fellowship were gathering for food and fellowship. However, my comfortable walk to the park soon turned into a drastic brush with death. Seconds after I had stepped off of the curb and onto the pedestrian crosswalk leading into the park, I was hit by a black four-door Toyota station wagon.

Time seemed to stand still as I watched the car approaching me at about 15 mph. I just assumed that the driver was going to stop at the red light. Instead, this madman behind the wheel kept coming at me. Already six feet into the pedestrian walkway, there was little room for me to maneuver away from the inevitable impact I was about to have with the murderous grill attached to the front of the Toyota.

My shock soon turned into a strange dancing motion that allowed me to roll along the hood of the car and safely land feet first at the left side of the assaultive vehicle. Once again, I have had my faith in God reconfirmed as I was miraculously spared any injury. The driver got out of his car which was now stalled completely across the pedestrian walkway. With bloodshot eyes and a twisted disposition, the driver had been drinking, something he admitted to me when I accused him of being drunk. Because I was not injured and the drunk driver had returned to the accident scene after fleeing, the police said that they would not be charging him. In fact, the police officers only gave him a sobriety test because I had stated that they were going to let a drunk driver leave without charging him which could potentially endanger other vunerable community members.

One hour after I had first been hit by the drunk driver, I finally left the location of the incident and walked into the park. Having my life threatened has become routine for me in the assignment that God has given me to save our nation. Some things are more easy to endure than others. While I expect the constant threats to come my way from the radical gay activists who are determined to stop my stand for Jesus Christ, there are other kinds of spiritual assaults and pitfalls along this path that are not so easy for me to dismiss.

For me, there is nothing so agonizing as the sight of my city suffering the fires of moral decay -- and only a handful of professing Christians willing to come and help me to put out the destructive flames. As I compete for a seat on the San Diego City Council, I am confronted daily by a Christian Community that seems to have been injected with a sedating toxin so spiritually devastating that I fear they may never awaken from their comatose state.

In 2004, we were on the brink of losing a major component of our constitutional right to free religious expression. The cross that sits atop the Mt. Soledad Veteran's War Memorial was close to being removed and most San Diegans had lost all interest in the legal case. I began to rally Christians to reinject themselves into the battle. I was able to get hundreds of Christians to turn out for hearings at the City Council. Long before the rich politicians got involved in the Mt. Soledad Cross battle so that they could gain political favor with the voters at election time, I was crying out for churchgoers to make their stand for our religious freedom at city hall. You can watch one of my many speeches on religious liberty and the Mt. Soledad Cross legal battle at the San Diego City Council by logging into the following:

San Diego City Council Video Archive --
Go To View Video -- Mar. 08, 2005 --
Click on Break Return and slide time ruler to time of 44:08.

Despite the fact that one million Christians in San Diego are now enjoying the blessing of seeing the Mt. Soledad Cross still standing, only 34 Christian voters have contributed to my campaign for a seat on the San Diego City Council.

After all of these years of fighting for the protection of the kids of my city, and after all of the battles that I have waged to clean up the moral rot in our community, I am virtually treated like a dog by the vast majority of pastors in San Diego. In my campaign for the San Diego City Council only 7 of the 2,000+ pastors in San Diego have endorsed my campaign. These seven courageous pastors are good and faithful men. They are more concerned with pleasing God than what others may think. Out of the 2,000+ pastors in San Diego, only one pastor has contributed financially to my campaign.

Two years ago when the holy city of Jerusalem was about to be infested with some of the most perverted sexual events in history, I was the first voice to cry out against this ungodly injustice. I wrote the first Christian news story about the World Gay Pride event and the plan by gay activists to come to the holy sites in Jerusalem where they would pollute them with evil and vile perversions. Because of my initial reporting on this disgraceful event, a worldwide protest began to stop the World Gay Pride event in Jerusalem. Christians and Jews throughout the world were eventually able to celebrate the stopping of the World Gay Pride event.

Two years later, as I campaign for the San Diego City Council, only 34 Christians out of the millions who have been blessed by my work to stop the World Gay Pride event in Jerusalem have even contributed to my campaign for the city council.

Last year, I was the first Christian writer to report on the horrible event at Petco Park where thousands of young San Diego children were going to be exposed to the gay organization which had hired dangerous pedophiles in 2005 as part of the San Diego Gay Pride festival. Thousands of San Diego parents were able to protect their kids because of my reporting and my Christian activism against the Petco Park assault on the youth of our city. One year later, only 34 Christians and one pastor have said thank you by contributing financially to my campaign for the San Diego City Council.

Over the last five years, I have led the charge to shut down nine pornographic businesses in the city of San Diego. Included in the list of these terrible businesses that are now shut down is a gay bathhouse location where thousands of men over a period of 22 years were exposed to AIDS and illegal drug use. Today, many lives are being spared because this death house is now closed. Today, only 34 Christians have said thank you by contributing to my campaign for the San Diego City Council.

I recently asked God about the role of my particular city council campaign in our city. The Lord responded by letting me know that my campaign is a test for the Christians of San Diego. You see, pastor after pastor preaches in the pulpit about the corruption and immorality in our culture. These same pastors now have a chance to do something about the things they have been preaching about. If they do not support my campaign for the city council, than all of their complaining is just empty rhetoric.

My campaign is a test for me and it is a test for the Christian Community of San Diego. For me, it comes down to my obedience to God. God instructed me to run this race. Whether anybody supports me or not, I still have an obligation to God to follow Him and to remain obedient to His call for my life. For the Christians in San Diego, my campaign is an opportunity for them to prove whether their years of complaining about the corruption and immorality on the San Diego City Council has been an honest concern of theirs or just the bitter verbage of lukewarm Christians who are all talk and no action.

I would imagine that if I was rich and influential in our culture, the 2,000+ San Diego pastors would be lining up to support me. After all, when wealthy politicians like Leslie Devaney ran for the San Diego City Attorney in 2004, pastors in San Diego gave her their pulpits and their time to help her campaign. I recently found out that one of the most influential pastors in San Diego brought mayoral candidate Steve Francis before a conference of hundreds of Christian leaders to introduce him. Francis is one of the most rabid supporters of homosexuality in the Republican Party. He is also one of the richest.

While millionaire Steve Francis has been campaigning to become San Diego's next mayor, and at the same time, destroying the Republican Party's opposition to homosexuality, he is being helped by pastors in his campaign. These same pastors have never helped me with anything in my years of faithful service to God, yet they can help a pro-homosexual millionaire in his bid to become mayor of our city.

Perhaps if I supported homosexuality and had millions of dollars, this same pastor who is helping Steve Francis would help me in my campaign for the city council. Sadly, this pastor has never once offered me any help or assistance with my ministry, much less my campaign. Instead, I now see this pastor more in the light of this story told by Jesus:

Jesus said, "There was a certain rich man who was splendidly clothed and who lived
each day in luxury. At his door lay a diseased beggar named Lazarus. As Lazarus lay
there longing for scraps from the rich man's table, the dogs would come and lick his
open sores. Finally, the beggar died and was carried by the angels to be with
Abraham. The rich man also died and was buried, and his soul went to the place of
the dead. There, in torment, he saw Lazarus in the far distance with Abraham. "The
rich man shouted, `Father Abraham, have some pity! Send Lazarus over here to dip
the tip of his finger in water and cool my tongue, because I am in anguish in these
flames.' "But Abraham said to him, `Son, remember that during your lifetime you had everything you wanted, and Lazarus had nothing. So now he is here being
comforted, and you are in anguish." Luke 16:19-25

My campaign volunteers and I may not have the wealth of this pastor and pro-homosexual candidates like Steve Francis and gay Republican activist Carl DeMaio, but we know we have our dignity and we are obedient to our God. We may live in one of the poorer neighborhoods in San Diego rather than the wealthy suburban safezones of pro-abortion mayoral candidate Steve Francis and homosexual activist Carl DeMaio, but we will not compromise our obedience to God or His word.

When I caused a media uproar in late 2007 by reporting on the treacherous plan of the San Diego City Council where the council was planning to issue a legal brief in support of gay marriage, all of the so-called family organizations like Concerned Women For America were down at city hall in front of the cameras clamoring for televsion time to promote their organzations and their opposition to gay marriage. Yet, during my campaign for the city council, not one of these women have helped me with my campaign. Not one has contributed to my campaign or endorsed me.

Our city is burning - burning down. Our morals are disintegrating and sexual anarchy is exploding in our city. I am fighting the good fight. Yet, less than two dozen San Diegans have even contributed to my campaign. While homosexual activists have contributed tens of thousands of dollars to my opponents, I am left with a few good people supporting me and the rest of the churches completely turning their backs on me during this grave battle.

God has spoken to me about my campaign. The Lord has said to me that my campaign is a test of where the churches in San Diego are. While Christians do alot of talking about the problems in our culture they show little action. They show even less interest when it comes to supporting Christians who run for office. While I have been going to the city council for years to stand up for God's people, only one pastor in San Diego has contributed financially to my campaign.

If Christians are not willing to suppport a faithful Christian candidate in their own community than all of their complaining about gay marriage, abortion and bad politicians is just a bunch of hot air.

I am not the first servant of the Lord to articulate the apathy of a lukewarm group of believers. And I won't be the last either. The Bible talks quite a bit about those who are negligent with the things of God. 2 Chronicles 29:11 states:

"My sons, be not now negligent: for the LORD hath chosen you to stand before him,
to serve him, and that ye should minister unto him, and burn incense."

The word negligent means to deceive. When we promised the Lord to serve Him, to honor Him and to help our fellow Christians as we gave our lives to Christ, that was a vow we made to God. When we become negligent in our vows to God, we are deceiving the Lord. When we say that we need to get rid of the bad politicians, but then we won't even support our Christian candidates, we are deceiving ourselves if we think that God is going to be pleased with our actions.

If we don't turn this nation around by electing Godly leaders we are going to be the generation responsible for destroying the great land that God gave His servants 400 years ago. Let us remember that the Bible clearly states that revival and the healing of the land is solely the responsibility of Christian believers. Let us remember the plan of action that God gave us in 2 Chronicles 7:14 and let us be diligent to act upon it:

"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and
seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will
forgive their sin, and will heal their land."

This has been an exclusive story from the Journal of James Hartline.
Now Read Daily By Over 17,000 Concerned Citizens Of Conviction.

I Am Making My Stand!
Have You Started Making Yours Yet?

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Monday, December 17, 2007

The Journal of James Hartline: How A Girl On A Bicycle Saved My Life and Taught Me How To Fight For The Kids of My Generation

The Journal of James Hartline:
From The Diary Of A Christian Warrior
In The Last Days
- Dated December 17, 2007 -

How A Girl On A Bicycle Saved My Life
Taught Me How To Fight
For The Kids Of My Generation

Over the last few years I have intensified my public campaign to protect the children of San Diego, California from predators and radicalized homosexual activists. There is a passion in my soul that causes me to stand up for my generation's youth. In this war to fight for our kids, I have been castigated and attacked by gay community leaders and even some church leaders. These attackers say that I am too aggressive and too divisive in my efforts. Well, let me tell you -- there is a reason that I am an extremist when it comes to fighting for our kids.

Let me take you back to 1966, to a time when I was just nine years-old. It was the winter season in my hometown of Bakersfield, California. That winter was colder than most people in southern California were used to experiencing. For me, the winter weather was not the only thing that was cold in my nine year-old life. Life indeed, had become frigid and cruel for me. Already, I had experienced years of beatings and daily torture at the hands of my disturbed mother. She was the kind of mom that ranted about immorality in the culture at the same time that she used every kind of profanity imaginable when describing how worthless I had become in her life. Her verbal assaults were always finished off with the swinging of a belt or a punch in my face from her angry fist.

By the age of nine, I had become a real expert in the art of covering up bruises and welts. I had also become a master at converting my well-worn pants and shirts into effective camouflage bandages that hid the evidence of my mother's use of belts, electrical cords and cooking spoons which she used when beating me.

At school, I had a reputation for always getting into trouble. For me, the fourth grade was more like the fourth round in a boxing match. Eventually, my parents could no longer explain my outbursts at school as evidence that I was just a "problem" child in need of psychological counseling. Fist fights at school had become my way of expressing my deep frustration over the injustices that were inflicted upon me in my own home. Finally, my apathetic father and my abusive mother handed me over to the Kern County foster care system where they could "fix" me. My vicitmizers had finally thrown me away as if I was an old coat that they no longer wanted to keep in a crowded closet.

Thinking that my escape from the vicious hands of my mother would free me from the beatings that I had endured every day of my life, I was even more dismayed to find out that abuse was not limited to my parent's home. At such a young age, I had no idea why I had been placed in a foster home of foreigners where my new foster parents had decided that they had the right to hit me and deprive me in the same cruel fashion that my mother had.

The foster home that I was placed in was run by a middle-aged mother and father who still had three older teenage boys of their own living there. Added to this crowded situation were four other teenage foster boys. I, being nine years-old, was now a very small boy living in the land of dangerous giants. Not only did this new foster mom decide that foster boys were a means of profiteering off of government welfare checks, but she also decided that foster boys didn't merit such things as hot meals or milk with your cold cereal. What was a kid to do with a bowl of corn flakes and no milk? I found out real soon what happened to a little boy who stole milk in a foster home. He got beat up by the real sons of the foster mother.

Who was I to go to in that dark hour? My parents had sent me to this new home of deprival and degradation. They wouldn't be helping me. I remembered always seeing a big family Bible laying on the table in our living room when I was at home. As a little boy, I didn't know much about praying. Occasional trips to my Dad's Baptist church usually consisted of me going to Sunday School and singing songs about "stepping on a tack and breaking the devil's back." Whatever that meant, I certainly didn't see much help coming from those experiences. Particularly, since my Dad had always shown more interest in his obsession with football games on television than he did with standing up to my mom when she abused me.

The one escape from abuse that I experienced as a child came in the form of my ability to get to school and stay there as long as possible. While most kids couldn't wait to get out of school, I ususally found a way to arrive early and stay late. The foster home I found myself in was an extra long walk to my new elementary school. Oftentimes I had to decide between breakfast and making the school bus. Sometimes my little belly made the choice for me. Unfortunately, this particular foster mother decided that she was going to keep the food money and spend it on herself. Breakfast usually consisted of cold cereal without the milk. Only the woman's real sons got milk on a regular basis.

With five foster boys and three other sons in the house, I was forced to engage in some real food warfare to survive. Quick dashes into the kitchen, and even quicker, hand-in, hand-out, refrigerator tactics to get some milk for my corn flakes, had taught me early on that life is primarily combat maneuvers over the basic necessities of life.

The one great joy of my life during that foster home experience was my membership in my elementary school choir. I used to sing, sing, sing, in those dark days. I don't know how I would have ever made it through those degrading days if I had not been accepted into the choir. The problem was, however, that choir practice occurred before school started. That also meant that choir practice occurred during my kitchen excursions to look for food to eat. Life just seemed to get more complicated for this hungry nine year-old singer in foster care.

One early December morning, the students at my school were informed that auditions would be held for the school's Christmas play. Arising extra early, I thought I could get into the kitchen, get my milk and corn flakes, and hit the road to make it to the auditions. My plan was not to be. Waiting for me as I snuck into the kitchen was the foster mother -- and a belt in her hand that looked more like a rattle snake than a piece of leather to hold up her husband's pants.

"Don't you ever steal from me, you greedy brat!" she screamed. Hungry, beaten and demoralized, she kicked me out of the house and into the cruel December winter. What made the cold weather even more bitter was the fact that I only had ten minutes to get to the school auditions. And it always took me at least fifteen minutes to walk the distance to the school from my foster home.

I wasn't much of a prayer warrior in those days, but I think I prayed harder during that harsh incident than all of the times I had prayed before -- combined! You never know how a prayer is going to be answered...expectations can be quite wild for a nine year-old. My answer quickly came in the form of a bell...a miracle bell. A bell on a bicycle that is. Slowly coming up behind me was a girl on a bicycle -- and she was ringing her bicycle bell. Turning around and wiping the snot and tears off of my gaunt nine year-old face, I came face to face with a freckled face girl riding on a boy's bicycle -- the kind with a seat that could illegitimately carry two kids.

"Hey you better hurry," she exclaimed to me above her loudly ringing bell. She slowed her bike down so she could ride at my walking pace.

"What?" I retorted in fearful shock.

"Oh, I just moved up the street from you and I joined the choir yesterday. Aren't you going to be in the play? We have to hurry if we're going to make it for the auditions," she cried in her best motherly voice. She was that kind of best friend who knows everyone...and knows what's best for everyone as well.

"I can't make it in time," I responded in my angry and dejected 'me against the world' attitude.

"We have to have you. You are the best boy singer in our school!" she said as she campaigned to win me over to her side.

As I kept walking, she pulled slightly ahead of me, bringing her bicycle to a stop. "Come on now, get on! I'll get us both there." She was bigger than me and more persuasive than I could be. I was in no condition to fight against the cold or her offer to help.

This girl on a boy's bicycle got us both to the audition on time. And every morning leading up to the actual Christmas play, there she was: waiting for me out in front of my house to give me a ride on the back of her bicycle. And everyday, her and I used to sing a little louder than the rest of the kids as we practiced our parts. I really got to like this girl enough to actually laugh with her as we both made ridiculous and goofy faces behind the choir director's back.

On the night of the Christmas play, all of the parents showed up to proudly watch their kids perform. All of the parents except mine. My foster parents did not show up. For them, my participation in the school play was merely a means to have one less kid and one less voice to hear in their home. I didn't care. All that mattered to me was the victory that I and my friend on the bicycle had achieved by being in our school's Christmas play. That Christmas, the girl on the bicycle had become my family.

Over forty years have gone by since that Christmas play. I eventually spent many more years in foster homes, reform schools and prisons. It took me many years to undo the tragic abuse that had been inflicted upon me by my own parents and a foster care system that had added further scars to the ones I had already borne upon my skinny, nine year-old body.

For the past seven years, I have been standing up for the kids of my city. I remember what it was like to be so small and have no defenders. With the help of God, I have every intention of fighting for the children of San Diego, California in the hopes that they will always have a voice speaking out on their behalf. As long as there is a breath in my body, I will be the kid on a bicycle who comes to the rescue of abused children -- children who might not make it without the extra help of a mysterious friend who shows up at just the right time.

When my opponents judge me for going after their pornographic businesses they had better realize that I will never stop fighting to keep their wares from harming the children of my city. When gay activists scream at me because I publicly protest the events they hold to target teenagers, they had better realize that I will not move out of their way as long as God is keeping me alive. I know what it is like to be abused as a young child. And I will fight to make sure that every child in my city is free to be children and free from the same trauma that I knew in my early years.

This Christmas, I hope in some small way, like the girl on the bicycle who befriended me when I so desperately needed a helping hand, I can be a friend to a child in need. And Lord knows there are lot of kids who need my help.

This has been a writing from the Journal of James Hartline.
James Hartline is a current candidate for the San Diego City Council
where he hopes to become a bright light for the needy kids of his city.

I Am Making My Stand!
Have You Started Making Yours Yet?

James Hartline, Publisher
The James Hartline Report
California Christian News
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Monday, May 14, 2007

Liars In The Church -- How A New Plague Of Lying Threatens American Christianity: In The Classroom Of James Hartline

In The Classroom Of James Hartline
- An Online Classroom For Radical Christians -
May 14, 2007

"Liars In The Church"
How A New Plague Of Simple Lying
Threatens American Christianity

"Do not lie to one another,
seeing that you have put off the old self
with its deceitful practices."
Colossians 3:9

Of all the many mandates in the Bible that we Christians have been given, there is none so important as the mandate of truth. Truth is at the core of every facet of Christianity. It is what distinguishes the Bible from all other religious texts and it is the very energy that is exhaled from the breath of God upon humanity. Truth is so important that God eternally encoded it in the ten commandments. In the ninth commandment, the Lord forbids us from lying about one another:

"Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor."
Exodus 20:16

Satan also recognizes the great power that truth is and how it is the foundational component that connects man with his God. It is why Lucifer, given over to his own deluding falsehoods, was so driven to ensnare Eve in the Garden Eden. This beguiling serpent of deception so seduced Eve with lies about God and His word that she gave up everything to become humanity's first liar.

God demands that His people live in truth. We are to intellectually breed truth. And we are to be truthful with each other at all times. The Apostle John wrote of the intimate intertwining that truth has with any disciple of Jesus Christ. It is in this eternal love affair with God's truth that we become liberated from our unregenerated sinful nature:

Jesus said to the people who believed in Him,
"You are truly My disciples if you keep obeying My teachings.
And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."
John 8:31-32

Sadly, I see a darkness, unlike any I have seen before, that has creeped into the body of Christ. It is swirling about in our midst like a new plague. It is a real spiritual disease. Left unchecked, this plague will challenge the truthful foundations of the Christian Church, leaving it mortally wounded and terminally disabled. This growing epidemic of deceit is worse than a false theology, for it is germinating inside of the church and it is spreading by the words of our own lips. It is the plague I call "the simple lie". Those who engage in such actions are "simple liars".

Today, many church attendees have given way to this epidemic of simple lying. Yes, lying. Today, we so easily lie to each other, and we so easily give way to telling falsehoods, that many Christians are no longer even aware when they are lying.

Christians in the modern American Church have so lowered their standard of moral interactions with each other, that they don't even think twice about lying to one other. Over and over again, I have had fellow Christians, in a sort of lazy and careless fashion, lie to me. It is as if their conscience has become numb and their lying habitual. In a world where so many lie to get ahead, the church too, is exhibiting a growing familiarity with the unholy art of lying to get ahead.

How many times have you promised to have a fellow believer over for dinner and then failed to carry out that promise? I have had many fellow Christians, even church leaders, say to me, "Oh, James, we're going to have you over for dinner next week." Not only did they not have me over for dinner, but they never even bothered to tell me that they weren't having me over. In fact, I've never even seen the inside of the homes of most of those who promise to help me or have me over for dinner. It seems as if today's Christians have so reduced their obligations to each other, that the level of honesty in many churches is no different than that of secular corporations.

"Dear brothers and sisters, pattern your lives after mine,
and learn from those who follow our example.
For I have told you often before, and I say it again
with tears in my eyes, that there are many whose
conduct shows they are really enemies of the cross of Christ."
Philippians 3:17-18

What does it mean, in a world that is getting more dark and more dangerous, if the Christian Church is being made into the image of this deceitful world? If our churches have become more consumed with building programs and sporting events than the saving of souls, what will our attitude be towards those in our midst who lie and break their promises?

As Christians, what are our obligations to each other? Does our level of truthfulness and loyalty reflect the depth of our professed Christianity? I have a friend who always helps me get to church and who really reflects a wonderful brotherly kindness. I have known this friend for only one year, but he is always there to help me. On the other hand, there are people in my church who live in my neighborhood, who have never once even offered to have a cup of coffee with me. Even though these folks have known me for over five years, they have never demonstrated one sign of Christian fellowship. Can you see the difference between these two examples? These two examples reflect the growing divide within churches in America between those who are demonstrating truth in Christianity and those who do not.

I believe it is a bleak sign in these last days that the spiritual watchmen and the pastors of modern Christianity have not sounded the alarm on this matter of lying. These leaders are responsible for correcting the false ideals and reproving the liars within our churches. Why are we allowing this pattern of lying to one another to fester and grow in our midst? Are we not giving birth to a new Judas generation where people tell lies now, but in the future they will turn into great betrayers of the cross?

Christians today are cleverly changing the terminology they use when addressing sin in the church. Instead of calling the act of lying a sin, they are now calling it a "mistake". Lying has always been a sin, yet many Christians today are more likely to resolve the issue as if they have been reading the Big Book from Alcoholics Anonymous rather then the Bible. The dangerous part in this erroneous approach, is that without an acknowledgement of sin, there can be no repentance. Without repentance, there can be no revival.

We must have correction on this matter or we are dooming the American Church to a second-class Christianity where demonic forces will dominate us -- and will eventually destroy us. When we gave our lives to Christ, we made an eternal oath to the living God. To renege on our commitment to Christ by refusing to end our soft approach to the sin of lying, is to make a complete mockery of the Gospel.

"When you make a vow to God, do not delay to pay it;
For He has no pleasure in fools.
Pay what you have vowed --
Better not to vow than to vow and not pay."
Ecclesiastes 5:4-5

When we make promises to God or to each other, we should not delay in following through with our oaths, for God takes no pleasure in us when we do not keep our commitments. Ecclesiastes 5:6 warns us not to let our mouth cause our flesh to sin. Furthermore, the writer in Ecclesiastes tells us not to call it a mistake when we refuse to fulfill our vows:

"Do not let your mouth cause your flesh to sin, nor say before the
messenger of God that it was an error. Why should God be angry
with your excuse and destroy the work of your hands."
Ecclesiastes 5:6

In fact, the writer in Ecclesiastes goes as far as to warn us that we could end up destroying the very church we are trying to build up when we make excuses for our sinful refusal to keep our vows. There could be no greater warning for Christians who refuse to stop lying to their fellow Christian brethren.

Refusal To Challenge The Liars In Our Midst:
Biblical Consequences For The Body Of Christ

The psalmist details his great distresses in the 120th psalm. The psalmist cries out for deliverance from the deceitful tongue and lying lips. It is the deceitful tongue and lying lips which have become the greatest of burdens for this man of God. Look what he writes:

"Deliver my soul, O Lord, from lying lips
And from a deceitful tongue
What shall be given to you,
Or what shall be done to you,
You false tongue?"
Psalm 120:2-3

If the psalmist is pleading so sincerely to God to deliver him from the lying tongue, what should our opinion be of those in our own churches who promise to help us or give to us, but then they just abandon us? To make a promise and then fail to keep one's word: this is lying. It is a sin. Yet, so readily, believers do not keep their word and they don't even say anything about the sin of such actions. Rarely do they even apologize when committing this great sin against their fellow brethren.

The Book of Proverbs repeatedly speaks on the issue of lying. In this great book of wisdom, the lie is presented as one of the great troublemakers. In fact, Proverbs, Chapter 29 presents the lie as a plague which can destroy an entire government:

"If a ruler pays attention to falsehood,
All ministers become wicked."
Proverbs 29:12

It is a critical play being scripted in churches throughout America, where members of the body of Christ are becoming more and more dishonest with each other. There are more Christians getting divorced than the non-christians. There are leading pastors like Ted Haggard, who get in the pulpit on Sunday while have sexually sinful affairs on the side. The lie comes in many forms and fashions, but it all begins with small, seemingly insignificant half-truths.

As I stated earlier, I have had Christians who have said to me, "James, I'm having you over for dinner next week." Not only did they not have me over, but they never even called to cancel. It was simply a lie. These types of lies are told everyday in churches throughout America. This lack of honesty, this lack of forthrightness, is creating a corporate atmosphere of dishonesty in American Christianity.

The Prophet Isaiah wrote of the deceptive mentality of ancient Jerusalem's leaders. He stated that these Jewish leaders had made a covenant with hell and the hallmark of that dark contract was the lie:

"For we have made lies our refuge,
And under falsehood we have hidden ourselves."
Isaiah 28:15

Many Christians, in their drive to be "liked" by everyone, will constantly make careless commitments that they really have no intention of keeping. These personal campaigns for acceptance run counter to Christ's teachings where He instructs us to become servants and not pursuers of worldly gain and popularity. The Book of Proverbs reminds us that the pursuit of earthly gain by the use of a lying tongue will only result in death:

"Getting treasures by a lying tongue
is the fleeting fantasy of those who seek death."
Proverbs 21:6

The Apostle Paul taught the Ephesians to watch over the words that come out of our mouth:

"Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth,
but what is good for necessary edification,
that it may impart grace to the hearers."
Ephesians 4:29

Paul further instructs us to confront those in the church who are deceiving or lying to us. We are not to tolerate false Christians in our church who are lying and deceiving:

"Let no one deceive you with empty words,
for because of these things the wrath of God
comes upon the sons of disobedience."
Ephesians 5:6

Clearly, God is moving within our midst to clean out the leaven in His body of believers. A line is being drawn which separates those who are seeking to be truthful and righteous from those who want to continue living lives of dishonesty and deception. Those that are seeking for truth will live out lives that reflect holiness. We, the bearers of God's truth, will grow morally brighter and brighter in these last days. Those who come into our churches seeking to gain some advangtage in this perishing world will become more and more obvious.

In these last days, we must remind ourselves of the words of Jesus from the last chapter of the Book of Revelation:

"He that is unjust, let him be unjust still:
and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still;
And he that is righteous, let him be righteous still:
And he that is holy, let him be holy still."
Revelation 22:11

In closing this Bible study let us remember that Jesus declared to John that there would be a clear distinction between the ungodly and the godly in these last days based upon our life choices. Let us renew our commitment to being truthful and honest in every area of our Christian walk. Let all of us be known for the godly condition of our character and the truthfulness of our daily deeds.

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"Preparing For My Depature
But Running My Race
Until I Leave."

James Hartline
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In These Last Days

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Prophetic Insights For The Last Days: Beware Of The Gibeonites

In The Classroom Of James Hartline
April 24, 2007

- Prophetic Insights For The Last Days -

"Beware Of The Gibeonites"
How Deceivers And Political Schemers
Are Corrupting The Church In These Last Days

When the inhabitants of Gibeon heard what Joshua had done to
the cities of Jericho and Ai, they resorted to deception and went
and pretended to be ambassadors. And they took old sacks on
their donkeys, old wineskins torn and mended, and worn-out and
patched sandals on their feet, and worn-out clothes on themselves;
and all the bread of their provisions was dry and had become
crumbled. And they went to Joshua to camp at Gilgal and lied to him
and the men of Israel, saying "We have come from a far country; now
therefore, make a covenant with us."

So the men of Israel took some of the Gibeonites' provisions,
and did not ask for counsel from the Lord.

Joshua proceeded to make peace with the deceiving Gibeonites
and made covenant with them, to let them live; and the leaders of the
congregation swore an oath to them.
Joshua 9:3-5,14-15

Over twenty years ago when I was still in bondage to sexual immorality, drugs and thievery, I had a tremendous visitation from the Holy Spirt that would initiate the long battle for my deliverance from satan. This experience also revealed to me key components for the ministry that I am now involved in. It is always worth noting that God may reveal our future assignment years before any actual manifestation of that assignment. In the years of waiting between revelation and actuality, satan will come to get us off God's course by sending to us deceiving ambassadors. In this study, we will learn about the Gibeonites, a deceptive people who lied to the leaders of Israel to get God's chosen family to make some very bad deals. I have learned that we all are vulnerable to such deceptions. Hopefully, this study will teach us all how to detect and protect ourselves, our families and our churches from falling into one of satan's oldest tricks in his black book.

Over the last five years, I have repeatedly seen the manifestation of the call of God upon my life as revealed in that experience those many years ago. In recent years, God has had me investigating the root causes of much of the evil in our culture. Of all the matters that I have uncovered in my investigations there is none that has caused me more pain and grief then to see modern day Gibeonites coming into our churches. These new Gibeonites are deceptive and they are corrupt. They have covertly invaded our churches and infested our flocks. It fills me with tremendous sadness to watch as the very things that I have been fighting against in our secular culture are now being paraded right in the midst of our own churches. A way of visualizing this sad picture is this example: Imagine if you were preaching in your church against the sins of drugs or sexual immorality and then you find out that your very own spouse or children are doing those sinful things in your own home. You can imagine then, how I feel on this matter.

The Gibeonites lied to get favor with the Israelites. They falsely presented themselves as foreigners. The Israelites had been ordered to kill off all of the inhabitants who were dwelling in the land of promise. The lie worked and the Gibeonites, who actually lived nearby, were spared. Israel had locked themselves into a permanent contract of compromise. Today, there is a whole new army of Gibeonites who are gaining favor in our churches by acts of deception and trickery. We are in for a very rough war with these deceivers as you will learn in this study.

Open Doors For The New Gibeonites

In 2004, my church, Mission Valley Christian Fellowship (, realized that we had to engage our culture if we were going to impact the future of our nation. With the possiblity that anti-christian bigots might successfully remove the cross that sits atop the Mt. Soledad War Memorial, MVCF Pastor Leo Giovinetti sparked a national fire to bring America back to its original godly roots. His historic sermon series "Righteousness Exalts A Nation" can be heard by going to the website, America Bless God, ( Our church proceeded to begin a multi-prong war on many fronts. From saving the Mt. Soledad War Memorial Cross to ending a massive effort by homosexual activists to hold a World Gay Pride Festival in the holy city of Jerusalem, Mission Valley Christian Fellowship began to have a real impact on America.

Unfortunately, when we enter into battles to reclaim territory long held by satan, we also open the door for Gibeonites who are looking for any opportunity to infiltrate the vessels that God has chosen for his missions and assignments. In the last three years, I have watched as political schemers and deceivers have repeatedly entered our church to get members of our flock to make covenants with their wicked political agendas. We are certainly aware that we take risks when we go out to make a difference in our culture, but it has been a trying time for me personally, as I have watched these Gibeonites feed on my fellow brothers and sisters. Reporting on these Gibeonites has not been easy for me. These new Gibeonites have viciously targeted me to silence me. Like Joseph, son of Jacob, the bad brothers hate when a man of God reports on their wicked schemes:

And Joseph brought back a bad report about his brothers to their father.
And his brothers saw that their father loved Joseph more than all of his
brothers; and so they hated him and could not speak to him on friendly terms."
Genesis 37:2,4

God told me several years ago to start reporting on all of the evil that I observe. That is really how my successful internet newsletter, The James Hartline Report, got its start. Today, it is read by thousands of people everyday. Everyday, I also receive emails from many Christians thanking me for the information they are receiving. Unfortunately, there are some who hate what I am doing, just like Joseph's brothers hated him. I think that the Gibeonites have infected every church in San Diego where I live. And the Gibeonites will try to destroy you if you reveal their schemes and plans. Take for example, the case of Foothills Christian Church in El Cajon, California (

Foothills is one of the great churches in San Diego County. Some of the finest Christians I have met attend Foothills. And I am convinced that Foothills is destined to raise up an army of youth who will reclaim our culture for the Lord Jesus Christ. With a tenacity rarely found in today's "take the easy way out" culture, Foothills Christian Church has fought many uphill battles just to obtain church property. When many churches would have given up, Foothills said, "Press On!" Yet, Foothills Christian Church has a terrible Gibeonite problem and if they do not rid their church of this problem, they will quickly succumb to a terribly tragic future.

For over a year, I have written the church leaders about cleaning up the political corruption that is attached to their church. The response from these leaders: "Don't email us anymore." On one occasion, a powerful community leader associated with this church actually called me and threatened me if I didn't back away from exposing this situation. I have stored and hidden all of the correspondences and responses which document the terrible way I have been treated by those tied to this very corrupted situation. It is really hard to believe that God's people can go down such dark paths while claiming to be doing "the Lord's work."

Part of the problem at Foothills Christian Church relates to campaign contributions being given by some who are associated with the church's building fund ( Take the case of John Gibson, an advisor to the Foothills fundraising campaign ( John Gibson is employed with Hamann Construction. John Gibson gave thousands of dollars to help elect one of the most evil candidates in the 2006 California State elections: Joel Anderson. Anderson worked for the city council campaign of Phil Thalheimer in 2004. Anderson and his company earned over $400,000 from Thalheimer during that campaign.

During that 2004 campaign, Thalheimer participated in the pornographic San Diego Gay Pride Parade and Festival. Additionally, Thalheimber told the Gay and Lesbian Times that he has a man with a sex-change operation working for his company. Anderson worked for Thalheimer, a man who fully supports homosexual unions and giving syringes to drug addicts. Repeatedly, I informed John Gibson about Anderson. What was Gibson's response: he and his wife gave even more money to Anderson's campaign. In fact, on October 31, 2006, just days before the election, Gibson and his wife gave Anderson another $5,000 in campaign contribtutions. It was as if the spiritual air was just sucked out of the church when I found out what the Gibsons had done. To make matters worse, one of the lead pastors at Foothills also gave money to Anderson after this immoral politician had worked for Thalheimer.

During this same period of time, Joel Anderson was filling his campaign coffers with thousands of dollars from pro-homosexual GOP leaders like Steve Francis and a multitude of donations from individuals tied to the embryonic stem cell industry and the gambling industry. I know that the Bible warns our churches not to be yoked to ungodly people. I know what the consequences are for churches that allow ungodly influence in our midst. I repeatedly pleaded and begged the pastors of Foothills Church, as well as John Gibson, to not support Joel Anderson. They soundly rebuked me and told me to get lost. In this instance, the Gibeonites had their way and got their deal.

There are literally, dozens and dozens of other examples that I have uncovered over the last five years where San Diego County churches are compromsing with rotten politicians. Our entire county is polluted because church leaders are making backroom deals under the guise that they are helping their church with property deals, school permits, fundraising schemes, etc. etc. etc. There is a reason we have completely lost our culture to ungodly leaders. The Gibeonites are surely having their day.

Catastrophic Compromises

While Israel was staying in Shittim, the men began to indulge in
sexual immorality with Moabite women. These Moabite women
then seduced the Israelites to make sacrifices to their gods. The
people proceeded to eat and bow down to these foreign gods.
So Israel joined in worshiping the Baal of Peor.

And the Lord's anger burned against them and a plague broke out.
Numbers 25:3

Those of us that have been great sinners before coming to the Lord are keenly aware of the terrible price that we have paid for our rebellion to God. As a result of my many years in homosexuality and drugs, I was infected with AIDS and hepatitus a, b and c. I know all to well, that the wages of sin really is death (Romans 6:23). God habitually warns us in His word, that if we allow ungodly influences and behaviors into our lives or our churches, we will pay dearly. In the Book of Numbers, God warned His people not to intermingle with the foreign nations, but rather, they were to completely destroy them.

God knows human nature. Our sin natures are prone to bond with ungodly people and their seductions. The Moabite culture was full of paganism and political darkness. Despite being warned by God, the Israelite men allowed the Moabite women to mingle in their midst. The result was catastrophic. Within a short period of time, the Moabite women had seduced Israel to bow to their foreign gods. God, disappointed and angry, struck His own people with a plague.

Contrary to the unbalanced opinions of many American Christians, grace is not an excuse to sin. Grace is also not a protection against the consequences for rebelling against God. So many churches today are allowing bad political advocates to come into their congregations and seduce congregants to participate in outright rebellion against the will of God. There are pastors that believe that if we just get these people into their services that their preaching will change the bad people into good ones. It might work once in awhile, but in most cases it is like playing spiritual Russian roulette with the flock because most of these bad political advocates go on to corrupt the sheep.

Many women's ministries love preaching about the Song of Solomon and the beautiful verses of song, love and relationships. Solomon had it all. Great wealth, good looks, security, servants and military superiority. Much like modern America. Yet, we must also be reminded of the dark path that Solomon eventually embarked upon.

But King Solomon loved many strange women, together
with the daughter of Pharaoh, women of the Moabites,
Ammonites, Edomites, Zidonians, and the Hittites;
Of the nations which the Lord said unto the children of Israel,
"Ye shall not go in to them, neither shall they come in unto you:
for surely they will turn away your heart after their gods."
Solomon did indeed fall in love with these ungodly women.
And he had 700 wives, princesses, and 300 concubines.
And his wives turned his heart away from the one true God.
1 Kings 11:1-2

The same foolish and horrific path that Solomon needlessly walked down, has been built into most of the churches in the United States. In San Diego where I dwell, I see it happening. Every week, I personally observe deceivers entering into the churches in San Diego. These deceivers have come to steal the hearts of the pastors and his church members. We must be awfully arrogant to think that we can allow such deceivers into our midst and remain immune from the same terrible compromises that finished off Solomon's reign. God will never allow His people to rebel against Him and remain penalty-free.

Last year, God allowed me to observe a truly toxic script being played out during the 2006 elections. A particular husband and wife in the real estate industry had, for many years, devoted themselves to politics. It really seems like this couple's consuming interest in politics borders on idolatry. This couple was particularly engaged in a campaign to help elect a very corrupt group to a local school board. The outcome of this particular school board race was critical for those that want to make money on land and construction deals. You see, this particular school board will vote on the location of a new high school in Alpine, California. Construction companies stand to make new fortunes based upon the construction of this school and all of the accompanying infrastructure roads, water systems, and housing projects.

While this couple claims to be committed Christians, I personally watched them conduct some of the most corrupt actions I have ever seen in a political race. Sadly, this husband and wife team will not repent and they will not cease their reprehensible actions. Yet, I know of a church that is allowing this couple to have full access to ministry meetings where they continue to lure church members into traps of compromise. Again, the Gibeonites are having their day.

I have seen examples, like that of this husband and wife, played out over and over again in San Diego County. I'm sure that it is also happening all over the United States. It is one thing for this type of behavior to occur in the secular arena, as terrible as that is, but the fact that it is tolerated inside of our churches, brings the situation into an entirely different level of moral darkness. Everyday, I wake up and fearfully ponder, "Is this the day that God allows a plague to break out in the churches where corrupt political forces are at work?"

I know the poison being created by these types of compromises is working its way deep into the corporate mindset of the church. Rather than heeding my warnings to clean up the political corruption that is weaving its way into the local churches of the San Diego area, the pastors are beginning to attack me more and more. Instead of focusing on those that are using our churches for ungodly deeds and financial gain, many are instead, pointing to me for being "judgmental" and "critical". And Joseph brought back a bad report about his brothers to their father. And his brothers saw that their father loved Joseph more than all of his brothers; and so they hated him and could not speak to him on friendly terms."

God warns of great spiritual blindness that comes upon Christians who hate their fellow brothers. As church leaders demonstrate more and more disdain for God's call upon my life, they are actually sowing more spiritual blindness into their own minds. Look at what John wrote about this:

"But he that hates his brother is in darkness, and walks in darkness,
and does not even know where he is going, because the darkness
has blinded his eyes."
1 John 2:11

God explicitly warns us not to partner with those who engage in ungodly enterprises. And yet, when I have warned the church leaders of such ungodly works, they have chosen to attack me rather than addressing the compromise.

"Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers:
for what fellowship has righteousness with unrighteousness?
And what communion has light with darkness?"
2 Corinthians 6:14

The Apostle Paul was very clear when he wrote 2 Corinthians 6:14. We, as Christians, are not supposed to allow our churches to be breeding places for ungodly political agendas. There are people right now, that are inside of our churches plotting and planning how to seduce our fellow Christians to support and vote for morally rotten candidates. Moses warned his people in Deuteronomy to beware of such seducers.

"Beware, lest your hearts be deceived and you turn away
and serve other God's and worship them. And the Lord's
wrath be kindled against you, and He shut up heaven,
that there be no rain, and that the land yield not her fruit;
and ye perish quickly off the good land which the Lord giveth you."
Deuteronomy 11:16-17

What is the problem in all of this compromise? I have spent hours, days, months seeking God for the answers to why there are so many who are compromising the word of God. I think there are some answers that I have learned in this journey of inquiry. I do believe there is an epidemic of fearlessness in the Body of Christ. And I don't mean fearlessness in a good way. What I mean is that there is no fear of God in much of the Body of Christ. Christians don't fear God anymore. Why else would a man claim to be a Christian, but then watch pornography? Why else would a woman claim to be a Christian, but then cheat on her husband? Why else would a man claim to be a Christian, but then campaign to help elect candidates who support the murderous procedure called embryonic stem cell research? Why else would a woman go to church and then give money to candidates who support the murder of abortion? People simply don't fear God anymore.

Then, there is the matter of greed. There are people claiming to be Christians, yet they are just plain greedy for material goods. And they are teaching their children to be just as greedy. Everytime their child wants something, the child just throws a temper tantrum and, bang! the parent gives them whatever they want to calm them down. Not only is this not Biblical, but it is the foundation for raising up a generation of youth who are consumed with materialistic anti-christianity.

Paul countered the culture of corruption and greed when he wrote young Timothy in his letter: But godliness with contentment is great gain (1 Timothy 6:19). Our churches seem as if they are never satisfied with the great wealth and blessings that God has already given them. We wan't bigger buildings and bigger stages, more cars, larger houses, more clothes, tickets to concerts, football jerseys, and on and on and on. This mentality is the environment that is fermenting a church that allows corrupt politicians and their advocates to set up shop in our congregations. These corrupt people come into our churches and they feed on the materialistic hunger of the flock. They promise property deals and big money and access to elected officials. Thus, we give these new Gibeonites places of exposure and access in our churches that they should have never, ever been given.

Paul gives us a stark warning about not doing this terrible political and materialistic dance in our churches:

"But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare,
and into many foolish and hurtful lusts,
which drown men in destruction and perdition.
For the love of money is the root of all evil:
which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith,
and pierced themselves through many sorrows."
1 Timothy 6:9-10

We Must Be Vigilante

The Book of Proverbs give us critical yellow lights when we need to slow down and assess our spiritual condition. It also gives us some flashing red lights when we need to stop all together.

"My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not."
Proverbs 1:10

"My son, walk not thou in the way with them;
refrain thy foot from their path, for their feet run to evil,
and make haste to shed blood."
Proverbs 1:15

I believe God is flashing an eternal and bright red light for our churches to stop! and hault! We have allowed too many ungodly political spies and their plans to enter into our midst. God is calling for us to renew our eternal priorities. If we continue on the path of intermingling with these ungodly Gibeonites, we will be hindering the work of the Holy Spirit. Our time on this earth is short. We must clean house. What if we die today? What if we die in the midst of doing deals with these new Gibeonites? What excuse would we give to the Lord? God is calling us to go over the Jordan. And the Gibeonites cannot go over with us.

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Preparing For My Departure:
But Running My Race
Until I Leave!